Loans and investments

Increasing the share price of an investment company MBB

The share price of medium-sized investment company MBB Industries AG attracted 25% to around 17 EUR. Visually, the price has more than doubled in a few months. The acquisition of Precision Engineering Claas GmbH and its consolidation in the consolidated figures of MBB from the second quarter of 2012 has almost doubled its consolidated sales and the profits disproportionately catapulted into the air. This reduces the valuations and analyst firms are only beginning to adapt their current numbers. Thus, Exchange Online raised its earnings estimates for 2012 and now expects 2.00 EUR (previously 1.40) for 2013 and 2.10 EUR (previously 1.50). Analysts also raised their estimates.

Interest rates of the need are more suitable than the interest rates of the Credit Deposit Accounts (KMH). KMH accounts with the highest interest rate banks are cash advance accounts. However, KMH accounts are also preferred due to ease of use. For example, you have to receive 1000 pounds from A person, but you have a 900 pm owe to the P person. You must pay your debt to the person B, but your money will come tomorrow. In such a case, it can be a logical solution to use the KHM account that the bank has presented to you and pay your KMH debt at the bank when money comes from a person. KMH Accounts are generally calculated by banks when prepared with a certain limit to customers and however money is used.

It is generally a need for more advantageous than this binary. The Limit Cash is generally higher in the need credit. A certain payment plan happens, the money will be repaid is connected to a certain plan. Various banks cash advance is making campaigns to reduce the difference in this regard and to reduce the difference in installment.

In the case of cash avan, the limit is ready, if you are in the need credit, you must apply for your credit other than special occasions. If you have reached the minus limit in the cash avan, so if you have taken 500 pounds, your money on the account will be your money on the account when you arrive in 1600 pounds, plus cash account limit.

According to an EBIT margin of 8.5 percent in the third quarter, experts expect for the full year with a margin of 8.9 percent and increase its profit forecast per share from EUR 1.45 to EUR 1.84 and for 2013 of 1.71 EUR to 1.89 EUR. Let us take just the average of the two forecasts, and then we come to a profit of $ 1.92 per share for 2012 and for 2013 of EUR 2.00 EUR. At a current price of 17 EUR would result on this basis a PE ratio of 8.85 and a 2012er 2013er PER of 8.5. Let us compare this with other listed German investment companies:

Aurelius (Marktkap. EUR 384 million), 2013er E Ratio: 9.3

Dt. Investments (Marktkap. EUR 255 million), 2013er PER: 24.9

Gesco (Marktkap. EUR 217 million), 2013er PER: 9.9

Indus (Marktkap. million 1104 EUR), 2013er E Ratio: 8.7

MBB (Marktkap. EUR 112 million), 2013er PER: 8.5

The company would continue to follow this strategy. The dividend for 2012 will be of at least 1.50 EUR — 1.80 EUR. This shows that the company MBB Industries, despite the strong price appreciation in the peer group, remains attractively valued and not too expensive. After the sharp increase in recent days, the share price of MBB Industries AG, continues to gain height. Due to the strong fundamentals and the continuing attractive valuation of the company it would not be worth it to wait for much lower prices. Long-term investors should be on the owner-MBB continue their joy.

Loans Exit from the debt trap

When a person gets into a situation of inability to pay its obligations, these are hard times. This is definitely a very awkward moment for every sufferer. However, let us see what are the options when you’re already things have developed in this unfavourable direction. The way out of personal bankruptcy can be divided into three basic stages. The first attempt is voluntary debt. The second step it is going to court. The third step it is six years debt. In this article, we will discuss in detail these three options.

Voluntary debt

First attempt: voluntary debt

For personal bankruptcy, the debtor must disclose his financial dilemma. All documents must be on the table, showing a debt, such as court orders, credit contracts, invoices and with the aid of a licensed counsellor being negotiated with creditors. A debt plan should clarify: From any source other people’s money can be included for a proposed settlement? Assets must be usable as a car sold the proceeds to / be distributed to creditors. In addition, the income is subject to attachment cede for a term of six years to a trustee to be appointed by the court. Personal property and earnings are subject to garnishment. The possibility of a peaceful solution of the problem is zero.

Second step: going to court

The district court is turned on. This attempt is for to enforce the decisions already taken, plan to reduce debt. It comes to the meticulously checked assets, money and property.

Third step: six years debt

The debtor maintains discipline in all conditions; the court declares him after six years of debt. It is thus all the remaining debt goes – regardless of whether they are caused by car purchase, instalment loan, or guarantee about tax claims. At the moment, the debt trap is much easier and faster than ever – at least for some individuals. A bill was passed on 18 July 2012th. The aim of the change in the law is to follow similar schemes as in neighbouring countries (France, England), and second, to provide an incentive for debtors to make payments.